• Amber Benson as ---"Justine"

    Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, Singer and Humanitarian... Benson was born January 8, 1977 in Alabama. She attended Highlands Day School and started acting at Birmingham Children's Theatre and Town and Gown Theater before moving to Los Angeles at age 14. Amber is currently writing, "DEATH'S DAUGHTER", the first in a series of novels for Ace Books scheduled for release Febuary 2009. Here's a quick rundown of a few notable appearances and works of the multi-talented young entrepreneur:.

    • CHANCE (Benson Entertainment's first Independent Film. Amber wrote, directed, produced and stars. Christine Estabrook and James Marsters co-star. Won the Audience Choice Award for Best Feature at 2002 Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival.) DVD available at DVD. and Chance
    • LOVERS, LIARS AND LUNATICS (Benson Entertainment's second Independent Film. Amber wrote, directed, produced and stars) Order the DVD here!!
    • GHOSTS OF ALBION (BBCi animation series created and co-written with Christopher Golden. Del Ray books published "ACCURSED", the first novel from the ongoing series. The second novel, "WITCHERY" , is available at book stores and on-line at Shocklines.com.
    • SEVEN WHISTLERS Co-written with Christopher Golden especially for Subterranean Press. Also published by Subterranean Press: "ASTRAY" and "INITIATION", limited editions from the BBCi animated series GHOSTS OF ALBION.
    • WANNABLESSEDBE and WILDERNESS (comics based on the characters Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Co-written with Christopher Golden, Art for WannaBlessedBe by Terry Moore)
    • SHADOWPLAY (Four part comic in a split-book. Titled "Demon Father John's Pinwheel Blues" Art by Ben Templesmith)
    • ALBERT HALL (Playwritten by Amber Benson. Produced by The Lone Star Ensemble)
    • SIRENS OF CINEMA- V#2 Issues 3,4 &5 (3 part article titled: "In Love, Lies, and Lunacy" (Or How I Sold Dolls of Myself to Make a Movie) Read the full article here. Pick up the issues at Sirens of Cinema
    • BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER( Co-starring as "TARA" -lovable, shy wiccan and girlfriend of "WILLOW" -played by Alyson Hannigan)
    • RACE YOU TO THE BOTTOM (Amber won the Best Lead Actress Award. Cole Williams, "Gunner" also co-stars)
    • GRYPHON (Sci-Fi Original Pictures -Lead female. Avalable on DVD)
    • 7 THINGS TO DO BEFORE I'M 30 (Lifetime Channel -Star)
    • SUPERNATURAL (as" Lenore" -guest star)
    • ANGST (Independent film by Michael Muhney, In post-production -guest star)
    • HOLIDAY WISHES (Lifetime Channel -Star - Christmas Premier 2006)
    • KING OF THE HILL ( co-starring as "Ella" Director Steven Soderbergh)
    • LATTER DAYS (Available on DVD -guest star)
    • DEADTIME (Film Short -co-star)
    • YOU ARE LIGHT and MATTER AT ALL (CD of original songs: Amber -vocalist, Danielle Benson -writer, accompanied by Aaron Fruchtman. This CD is available by purchasing a Triangle Tara figure.
    • UNDER YOUR SPELL (From Buffy the Vampire Slayer's 6th season episode titled "Once More With Feeling")
    • ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW 25 Anniversary special (Singing "Toucha-Toucha")
  • For more information on Amber Benson's work please visit IMDb and Essence of Amber





Christine Estabrookas--- "Elaine"

Christine was born in Aurora, NY. After graduating from Yale School of Drama, she began working in theatre. Christine won the Desk Drama Award for "Boys Next Door", an Obie for "Pastorale" and was nominated for a Desk Drama Award for her work in "North Shore Fish". The veteran actress moved to Los Angeles and has guest starred in many television series including a recurring role (written especially for her) as "Mrs. Martha Huber" on the popular series, "Desperate Housewives". Christine also filled the role of "Chance's mom" in Amber Benson's first Independent film, "CHANCE".

Vic Polizos as--- "Paddy"

Vic's extensive television appearances include roles on "X-Files", "Malcolm in the Middle", "Roseanne", "Party of Five", "Mad About You" and "Crossing Jordan".

Movie roles include "Eraser" and "Prizzi's Honor". For a full list of theatre, tv and movie credits please visit nerf herders anonymous. Vic lives in Los Angeles and is married to Christine Estabrook, "Elaine".

Michael Muhney as--- "Louis"

A native of the windy city, Chicago, Muhney can be seen on the popular television series "Veronica Mars" as Sheriff Lamb. His Independent project "Angst" is currently in post-production. Amber Benson has a guest starring role in the film.

Cole Williams as--- "Gunner"

Born on July 28, 1981, Cole first attended boarding school in New Hampshire. He was accepted into the SUNY Purchase College and studied there before moving to Los Angeles landing supporting roles in several Independent Films. Cole recently starred in "Harry and Max" and has a re-occurring role on "8 Simple Rules". Cole, along with co-star Amber Benson can be seen in the award winning Independent Film, "Race You To The Bottom".

James Leary as--- "Policeman #1"

James is best known for his role as the lovable, floppy-eared, kitten poker playing Demon, "Clem" in the award winning television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". He studied at the Improv Olympic in Chicago and currently lives in Los Angeles. James co-wrote, co-produced and co-starred in the short film "Stunt C#cks".

Rayder Woods as---"Policeman # 2"

Known by fans as "Rory" the crying ex-boyfriend in Amber Benson's first Independent Film "CHANCE", Woods has an impressive list of (although mostly un-credited) television and movie appearences. Check out his space.

Ryan Spahn as--- "Julian"

Spahn graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy. Born in Delaware, he has appeared on Fox Searchlight's "Polish Wedding", "Living the Dream" and on the television soap opera, "General Hospital". Spahn also played "First" in the Star Trek "Voyager" television series.

Mia Cottet as--- "Glory"

Mia studied ballet in New York but decided to pursue an acting career. She has appeared in "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion", "The Tuxedo" and "Nine Months".

Bianca Lopez as--- "Sally"

Born in Hollywood, Bianca graduated from the LA High School for Performing Arts. She enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and has made appearences in "Boston Public", "Malcolm in the Middle", "Strong Medicine", most notably co-starring in the Disney Film "The Princess Diaries".

Original Artwork: Danielle Benson

Production Design: Lea Anna Drown

Sound Design: Dennis Baxter

Score: Aaron Fruchtman

Score Mixer: Robert Fernandez

Cinematography: Jakobine Motz

Associate Producers: Danielle Benson and Brooke Bundy

Producers: Elizabeth Diane Benson and Amber Benson

Written, Edited and Directed by: Amber Benson





benson entertainment presents: "LOVERS, LIARS AND LUNATICS" a film by amber benson starring: AMBER BENSON MICHAEL MUHNEY CHRISTINE ESTABROOK JAMES LEARY Producers:Amber Benson and Elizabeth Diane Benson Associate Producers: Danielle Benson and Brooke Bundy Written, Edited and Directed by: Amber Benson Original Artwork: Danielle Benson Storyboards: John Olsen Score: Aaron Fruchtman Sound Design: Dennis Baxter Production Design: Lea Anna Drown Cinematography: Jakobine Motz Score Mixer: Robert Fernandez